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  • Why PR? (Public Relations)

    As an entrepreneur, creator and change-maker, your business or social enterprise is on a mission to make the world a better place.


    A well crafted story about your business in the media builds trust, awareness and credibility for your products and services, and can help drive sales, partnerships and investment.


    Additionally, media stories about your venture form a vital part of your sales and marketing toolkit that can be shared with customers, partners and investors, and in your social media, blogs and newsletters.

  • "Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad."

    - Richard Branson, Virgin

  • Our Services

    Media and press releases

    With our experienced communications and public relations specialists on your team, sharing and celebrating your news, insights and achievements couldn't be easier.


    Our fixed price media and press release services are fast, efficient and effective for all your business news and milestones.

    • Business and product launches
    • Pre- and post- investment campaigns
    • Recruitment drives and staff appointments
    • Key customer acquisition or market growth
    • Product development and IP
    • Entrepreneur stories and insights
    • Market commentary and thought leadership
    • General business news and milestones

    Story pitches and media syndication

    No matter what your industry, our media team will ensure your innovation story is told right and pitched to media that matter. Some of the many industries we cover include:

    • Agritech/Foodtech/Biotech
    • Software/SaaS/Apps
    • Fintech/Blockchain/Web3/Crypto
    • Data/Analytics/AI/Machine Learning
    • AR/VR/Gaming/Animation
    • IOT/Robotics
    • Education/Edtech
    • Energy/Environment/Resource Management
    • Sustainability/Cleantech/Conservation
    • Safety/Security/Human Resources
    • Property/Construction/Real Estate
    • Healthtech/Medtech
    • Wellbeing/Fitness/Sports
    • Social Enterprise/Education/Research
    • Transport/Logistics/Travel/Tourism
    • Retail/Hospitality/Food & Beverage
    • Lifestyle/Consumer Products

    Case studies and customer stories

    Case studies and customer stories are an effective way to communicate your value to supporters, partners, investors and prospects.


    Unfortunately not every team has the time, resource or ability to produce these valuable customer education pieces well.


    And for more complex products, solutions or technologies it can be difficult to convey their stories in a way that will resonate with their target audience.


    That's why our team is always on call for your case study and customer story assignments - we make communicating and understanding your value proposition easy.

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  • About

    Our Team

    FoundrPR is headquartered in New Zealand, the first country in the world to see the light of each new day. Our team is an international collaboration of experienced media professionals dedicated to providing trusted, affordable and effective PR services to entrepreneurs and their teams in New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.


    We specialise in public relations for start-ups, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB's), and not-for-profits.


    Business owners work with us because we are known for being fast, effective and affordable.

    Prices and Process

    All FoundrPR services are priced in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). Our fixed price PR services range in price from NZD550 to NZD1500 plus taxes per assignment.


    To learn more about our services or request a quote please get in touch using the form above and we'll email you to set up a short introductory Zoom meeting or phone call at your convenience. We'll ask a few simple questions about your media and communications requirements, answer any questions you have, and provide a no-obligation quote for your review.